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Are onesies still a must have?

Are onesies still a must have?

Cast your minds back to 2011, when the humble onesie-for-adults first hit the shops and started a craze that has long since struggled to burn out. Once regarded as a nightwear essential for toddlers and babies only, suddenly a much bigger onesie was on the scene and, to our surprise, being modelled as a fashion forward piece by some of the hottest celebrities of the time.

Did we ever expect to see Ryan Gosling strutting his stuff in a onesie of all things? Did we really see Macklemore featuring a onesie in 2012’s ‘Thrift Shop’? As incredulous as we may have been, nothing would compare to what was to come next for the onesie. Soon there was no escape from onesie madness on the high street, with students in particular rushing out to find the quirkiest onesie they could get their hands on.

What started as an adult onesie available in a few colors quickly escalated to the infamous tiger onesie that would become almost a rite of passage for university students all over the country. The ease of wearing a onesie combined with the increasingly diverse range available meant that the onesie was a multifunctional cure-all for the student lifestyle wardrobe, from lounging around the house to partying at the club in simple fancy dress. The onesie had transformed from a mere piece of nightwear into a symbol of student culture.

As with most student fads, however, the onesie began to decline in popularity until people started to look at the onesie with a sense of nostalgia for the good old days when onesies were simply a cozy style of nightwear and loungewear, rather than the sign of a good night out. This sense of nostalgia combined with the undeniable warming nature of the onesie meant that the onesie enjoyed yet another wave of popularity – this time with a much wider audience than just the student population.

Popular amongst teens and adults, and women in particular, it took a little while for the masses to come around to unashamedly wearing onesies. Many were still considering the onesie a loveable and tongue-in-cheek item of loungewear instead of a serious nightwear option to invest in season after season.

Not long after, we were seeing selfies in onesies all over social media, and bragging about relaxing in a onesie was the order of the day – everyone was able to share their glee at being able to drink wine from the comfort of a onesie on the sofa. The more we shared our onesie love, the more we became comfortable with the idea of a onesie. But the more we became comfortable, the less people began to talk about onesies. To the casual observer, it would appear that the onesie craze was over for good.

Not so. Instead of fading away to the land of style trends past, onesies had become normal, and were now an ordinary part of our standard loungewear and nightwear routines. The onesie was here to stay in our hearts and wardrobes.

Here at OnesieMania, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome back the onesie with open arms for another year. We’ve got a fabulous selection of cozy onesie styles for you to indulge in – whether you’re snuggling up on the sofa for a cozy night in or settling down for a good night’s sleep in bed, our range of women’s onesies are planning on keeping the onesie trend alive and well this winter.

Why not get the whole family involved in the onesie craze too? We’ve got plenty of men’s onesies and children’s onesies to choose from so your family can benefit from the unrivalled comfort of a onesie when it comes to relaxing on an evening or weekend. Once they’ve experienced the soothing comfort of a onesie, we guarantee that pajamas will be long forgotten about!

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