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Who wears onesies?

If you haven’t yet spotted onesies in your part of the world, you may be wondering where all these onesie wearers are. Like most fashion trends, the onesie trend started showing up in a big way in major fashion centers like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Onesies also gained steam in big college towns like Austin, Madison, Ann Abor, Columbus, and Berkley. Internationally, onesies are showing up in city after city, including London, Belfast, Berlin, Toyoko, Singapore, and in many major Indian cities.

While the onesie wave has hit city after city, and country after country, it’s still not in full force everywhere in the United States. How do you know if the onesie trend has really started in your part of the world? If you keep your eyes open, you might start seeing signs of the arrival of the onesie. The early adopters of the onesie revolution are usually elusive. There may be sightings of them at night pumping gas, hunched down in drive-thrus, or quickly grabbing milk at the local convenience store. But once the trend starts to catch on, onesie advocates gain courage and become more visible. Once the trend escalates in your area, the onesie wearers will begin showing up in groups. They’ll become more vocal. At this stage, you’ll begin seeing people in zipped-up onesies walking around campuses, moving their way through the grocery store, and taking up big corner booths in restaurants. You’ll may start running into happy groups of onesie fans celebrating in bars and clubs across the county. Friends in onesies have been spotting shopping at malls. But if you really want to see the onesie phenomenon at its best, get yourself to a diner or restaurant on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and you’ll see onesies en masse as herds of twenty-somethings prove that onesies are the preferred uniform of dedicated brunches.

It’s also important to remember that older people are not likely to be the ones wearing onesies. After all, older Americans have never been quick to adopt new trends. You won’t see your grandpa in a onesie at the hardware store, and you may not convince your aunt to stay in her onesie to pick up her kids at school. Your mom will continue to think you’re crazy for wearing your onesie when you come home for the weekend. But onesies are wildly popular among twenty-somethings and teenagers. And that means that this trend will be one that sticks around for quite a while.

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